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Pet n Pony

Pet owners in Durham may already be familiar with Pet n Pony. For anyone new to the area or those who haven’t visited before I thought I would give my thoughts on this popular local pet shop.

Shop Location & Opening Hours

Pet n Pony have a large premises located on Dragon Lane in Durham. It’s very close to a large Tesco superstore. Their postcode is DH1 2XU and they are open 7 days a week. The hours are as follows:

Monday – Saturday 9am-6pm
Sunday 10am-4pm

Pet n Pony – Positives

In terms of shop floor space the shop seems similar to other large pet shops like Pets At Home. This results in them being able to stock a wide range of products. However they are different to Pets At Home in a number of ways. As their name would indicate they cater more to horse owners and equestrian lovers much more than the average pet shop does. Indeed horse and pony related products probably take up close to 35-40% of the shop floor space.

Pets At Home branches often use some of their shop space for a grooming service and a vet, services that Pet n Pony don’t offer. In terms of the usual stock of products for cat and dog owners, there isn’t that much difference between them. Brands however will vary somewhat.

Pet n Pony had a good selection of dog food from many of the well known brands, from budget to more premium brands. They also have a couple of freezers dedicated to raw food but from what I can tell they only stock the one brand, which from memory was the Natures Menu brand. I think it’s fair to say that fans of raw dog feeding are much more likely to go to a raw food specialist where there is a far greater selection to choose from.

I also happened to notice that they had a good selection of dog toys, leads and harnesses as well as medications like flea and worming treatments. For the average dog or cat owner you are likely to find most if not all of the things you need or expect to find from a local pet shop.

Pet n Pony – Negatives

To be honest there is only one thing that I would count as a negative and that’s the lack of parking. For a retailer with such a large square footage of shop space I was very surprised to find no customer car park. There is free street parking but the road is busy and popular with busy trucks. Indeed on my most recent visit the road was blocked for a while with a large HGV trying to leave an industrial park.

Your Thoughts?

I’d be interested to know what other Durham residents think. Are you or have you been a customer of Pet n Pony? If you are a fan perhaps you can leave a comment saying why you prefer this pet shop to other choices locally?

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